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Rendering is dead: Game over.
show user profile  Nik Clark
Real-time rendering. Surely the Render button's time is coming to an end?

read 738 times
9/3/2014 9:42:15 AM (last edit: 9/3/2014 9:42:15 AM)
show user profile  herfst1
Time to upgrade my laptop to a real machine. This excites me (even though I can't see the youtube link at work) as I friggin' hate waiting for renders.
read 729 times
9/3/2014 10:07:07 AM (last edit: 9/3/2014 10:07:07 AM)
show user profile  Sangre
I wonder what kind of a graphics card is required to run this at at least 30 fps?
read 728 times
9/3/2014 10:21:32 AM (last edit: 9/3/2014 10:21:32 AM)
show user profile  3Ddeath
dam, what's wrong with my mental ray than? taking hours to do a single frame!

Portfolio Site
read 726 times
9/3/2014 10:26:00 AM (last edit: 9/3/2014 10:26:00 AM)
show user profile  Idiotforaliving
Amazing isnt it. I'm curious about the machine this is run on :)

read 706 times
9/3/2014 12:53:25 PM (last edit: 9/3/2014 12:53:25 PM)
show user profile  Cube
in a similar vein take a look at these done in UE4.. very nice

read 693 times
9/3/2014 2:02:39 PM (last edit: 9/3/2014 2:02:39 PM)
show user profile  Dave
I knew not ever bothering to learn Vray was going to pay off eventually.

In all seriousness though, real-time rendering blows my mindhole these days. I keep telling myself to mess around with PBR and the like, but instead I'm sat here painting fake AO onto 300 triangle buildings for crappy mobile games.

Where did I go wrong? Did I kick puppies in a past life?

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 686 times
9/3/2014 2:35:04 PM (last edit: 9/3/2014 2:35:04 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
Oh no!
And Bolts just finished some uber complex cloud render thing.......totally useless now.

This actually is mind blowing. And it's kind of obvious ya know.....real time rendering is going to happen....its just a matter of when will the tech support it.

Just like I can talk about the old days of actual videotape....we will all talk about the old days of 'rendering' at some point.
read 680 times
9/3/2014 3:13:33 PM (last edit: 9/3/2014 3:13:33 PM)
show user profile  Bolteon
^ you don't think i would honestly build something that wasn't future proof... silly.


as mentioned with the EU4 arch video that was posted, there's a couple of things at play here. mainly, a lot of hacks (read: technical approximations), pre-baking (huge time saver when it comes to realtime) and some powerful graphics capability.

in the end, it's still rendering...

(and if you haven't known for a while that *waiting* for renders was coming to a end, well...)


and as a side note, cause whenever something fantastical comes about like this i like to research it a bit:

fancy cheese filter software... *shrug*

-Marko Mandaric

read 617 times
9/4/2014 9:58:25 AM (last edit: 9/4/2014 9:59:18 AM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Lol, Bolte, you know the post was tongue in cheek. Rendering will disappear, but not for a good while yet. It's interesting to see where real-time has got though.

And yes, it does seem that they mostly sell cheesy filter software, but the world needs more lens-flare and bloom :)

read 611 times
9/4/2014 10:09:08 AM (last edit: 9/4/2014 10:09:08 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
i know, but it's a conversation that will be made sooner than later...

thanks to what we're doing in the cloud; we'll be able to make the days of wasting time waiting for renders a thing of the past.

-Marko Mandaric

read 605 times
9/4/2014 10:20:39 AM (last edit: 9/4/2014 10:20:39 AM)
show user profile  herfst1
Bolt, I don't fully understand what you're doing. Can you explain?

My main scratch-my-head is, how is cloud rendering more beneficial than render farms? I assume it won't be free. So will it be cheaper? Faster? Better (more features / control / etc...)?
read 600 times
9/4/2014 10:30:38 AM (last edit: 9/4/2014 10:30:38 AM)
show user profile  FX
^^^ Would like to know this too, I looked into it but ran a proverbial mile at the thought of all the configuring, seems a right fuck fest of jargon and testing to wade through.

read 598 times
9/4/2014 10:37:51 AM (last edit: 9/4/2014 10:37:51 AM)
show user profile  Cube
^^^ Would also like to know... presume its a bit like cloud hosting ( EC2 and the like) being able to spin up resources as and when needed with a much greater level of granularity than traditional render farms?
read 578 times
9/4/2014 2:05:13 PM (last edit: 9/4/2014 2:05:13 PM)
show user profile  Bolteon
everyone wants to know... ;-)

*looks at post above, nods slightly*

and just for the sake of the sake, from Vlado (owner and one of the first to write Vray):

"On a more serious note though, there is a lot of preparation that goes into a demo like this. The baking of GI is not realtime. In order to get (fake) reflections and highlights you will be required to place reflection probes throughout the scene (which also require precomputation). You will be required to choose areas of influence for lights plus their shadow map sizes. And so on. The reflections in particular quickly fall apart if you are given the freedom to walk around and look at things from different angles - though they can be made to work very well for a particular camera path and view.

Of course, once you go through all this trouble, things do render very very quickly."

-Marko Mandaric

read 544 times
9/5/2014 2:53:21 AM (last edit: 9/5/2014 2:55:49 AM)
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