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New Relax By Smoothing Groups modifier plugin
show user profile  Malkalypse
RelaxBySG is a new modifier plugin for 3ds Max to smooth meshes without destroying hard edges defined by smoothing groups.

RelaxBySG works on the same principle as the standard Relax modifier, but offers a greater degree of control.
Rather than relying on the modifier to find boundaries and corners and hoping for the best, you can use smoothing groups to define them yourself.

For more information, visit

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7/11/2016 11:44:13 PM (last edit: 7/11/2016 11:44:59 PM)
show user profile  Malkalypse
Just a quick update: compatible versions are now available for 3ds Max 2009 (32 and 64 bit), and all versions of Max from 2012 through 2017.
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7/17/2016 7:15:40 AM (last edit: 7/17/2016 7:17:06 AM)
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