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(non-max related) Make a panorama from a video taken on a dolly?
show user profile  jpedleham
Hey, has anyone got any ideas on how i can get a panorama out of a video that was taken on a dolly?
Ive tried saving out the frames and using photoshops photomerge but i think thats made more for static camera positions instead of a moving camera. Can anyone help?

read 407 times
10/13/2015 4:20:31 PM (last edit: 10/13/2015 4:20:31 PM)
show user profile  FX
Usual route is import frames to layers, save me typing :

...maybe you can use the lens correction to fix any warping you might have.

read 402 times
10/13/2015 4:41:33 PM (last edit: 10/13/2015 4:43:11 PM)
show user profile  jpedleham
I tried this, the issue is that the panorama is taken not from a fixed rotated position but a panned camera movement. moving along the x axis rather than staying fixed and simply rotating.
read 386 times
10/13/2015 5:21:32 PM (last edit: 10/13/2015 5:21:32 PM)
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