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Questions about Path Deform
show user profile  TuPP3
I'm making snowmobile _game_ where I obviously need snowmobile with running track, so I used Path Deform to bend track around line I drew. What comes to games, polygon count is very important, I need to cut every unnecessary polygons out, and that is track inside snow mobile. How could I use slice modifier kind of thing to cut part of track out, and still able to make animation of it running? I can't use path deform options to limit area because when animating it's going to reveal cutten tracks.

I also want to ask how can I turn it again to editable polygon without removing pah deform modifier? It seems to be impossible with techniques I normally use. (I might need to remove spline when exporting it to game engine)

EDIT: I found solution! I was using world space modifier insted of normal modifier, sorry about this post.
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1/31/2009 3:38:17 PM (last edit: 2/3/2009 3:09:09 PM)
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