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A question of self illumination in mental ray
show user profile  Tythus
I want to have a self illuminating object (a portal that glows purple) and I want it to cast shadows etc but I cant seem to find a way to do this while keeping a texture on the object etc.
read 863 times
6/25/2011 1:00:27 AM (last edit: 6/25/2011 1:00:27 AM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
first thing to remember - there is no such thing as a shadow, just absence of light. The only way for MR to spread self illumination is through FG and FG heavily relies on data interpolation thus not very good with creating specific light phenomena like shadows.

i guess can get shadows if you turn fg settings high enough but coming up with another solution will probably save you more time.

read 859 times
6/25/2011 1:21:38 AM (last edit: 6/25/2011 1:21:38 AM)
show user profile  LionDebt
mr stabby, your genius astounds me.
read 845 times
6/25/2011 5:05:18 AM (last edit: 6/25/2011 5:05:18 AM)
show user profile  Paunescudanutz
and evil is the absence of good


<---~( Daniel )~--->

read 825 times
6/25/2011 9:57:55 AM (last edit: 6/25/2011 9:57:55 AM)
show user profile  mike_renouf
You might consider putting a light inside the geometry. Right click the geometry and uncheck 'cast shadows'.
This will probably help your situation.

read 819 times
6/25/2011 10:25:00 AM (last edit: 6/25/2011 10:25:00 AM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
If it's square or round, you could use an area light in combination with the glare shader.

read 816 times
6/25/2011 10:27:08 AM (last edit: 6/25/2011 10:27:08 AM)
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