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Problems with splines --> text
show user profile  Fischer
I am making a logo in 3ds max 10, and Im using the Ariel font, with a bevel modifier and the mirror function, to make the letters rounded and with a depth.

you can see what I have so far here:

My problem is the big flat polygon on the front and the bag side of each letter, because I want to round and smooth the letters more, so you wont notice the edge. But when I convert to editable poly Im getting a weird grid structure. The flat surface of each letter is one big polygon, while the rest of the letter has a decent grid structure, so I can work with it.

The big polygon is a problem, as I cant get any decent smoothing with it, and my attempts to break it down in smaller polygons with either subdivide or Quadify mesh, have produced unsatisfactory results. I have also tried to chamfer the edges away, but again it doesnt produce a decent result. This has been bugging me for a couple of days now, and it should be so simple... How do I do this??

Any help or ideas would be appreciated

read 480 times
6/16/2010 9:31:54 AM (last edit: 6/16/2010 9:31:54 AM)
show user profile  del3d
One solution is to poly model everything and apply a smoothing modifier when you're done. This way all of the letters' parts will get equal smoothing treatment and you will eliminate flat vs curved surfaces situations.
Start with your text, extrude, convert to poly, apply your chamfers as needed, turbosmooth.

read 457 times
6/16/2010 5:51:27 PM (last edit: 6/16/2010 5:51:27 PM)
show user profile  Fischer
Thanks for the answer del3d. I ended up using your suggestion, and spiced it up with a cut tool for that big nasty flat surface. The result is decent at least.
I couldnt use turbosmooth though, I think because the grid structure are too simple (when I convert to editable poly, the flat one polygon surface stays as one polygon) so I used a normal smooth modifier.
read 434 times
6/18/2010 9:38:20 AM (last edit: 6/18/2010 9:38:20 AM)
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