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Problem with UVW map and geometric shape defaults
show user profile  fultondesign
I have a problem with the geometry mode.

Every time I go to create any simple geometric a problem occurs when it 'behaves' like its an imported AutoCad file (DWG, DFX) etc.

When I go to add a UVW Map onto this shape I am unable to change the length, width, height.

I have re-installed 3D Max 2015 and I have updated the Service Pack3 but it still goes back to this problem.

I also have 3D Max 2014 installed and in doesn't do this, please help (I'm sure its something simple!).

Many thanks,
read 277 times
5/31/2015 2:31:31 PM (last edit: 5/31/2015 2:31:31 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
Not sure how knowledgeable you are (noob or pro). Try:
1. In uvw map tick/untick "use real-world measurements" (or dimensions or something like that). Test.
2. Right-click, convert to editable poly. Now test.
3. Reset x-form. Then test.
read 273 times
5/31/2015 3:20:57 PM (last edit: 5/31/2015 3:21:42 PM)
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