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Problem - surface or merge polys?
show user profile  Hagroth

I'm pretty much new to 3d-modeling, and I'm making a Viking ship this time. The hull and the part leading up to the dragon head went fine by manually building a spline cage, linking vertices together.

The head however, is very simple and flat, and the easiest and most obvious way to do it is to extrude the spline and merge it with the part leading up to the head, let's call it "neck". But when I try to put the extruded head together with the neck, they don't match. Mostly because I don't want to use 100 steps on my neck and waste polygons, and this makes the edges smooth and not quite according to the spline, and thus, the head won't match the neck. When I make the neck longer and go through the head a bit, overlap if you will, I get clipping issues.

Another method, that would make the merging a lot easier (or actually, non-existant, even) is to make the neck and head in the same spline and then attach them together and use a common surface modifier. But the head is really complicated and I don't really know how to manually cross-section it to make a smooth surface - it's not just a profile in one direction and a bunch of profiles in the other like when I made the neck or the hull of the ship.

So, how can I solve this? Is there any way to make a smooth transition between the extruded head and the neck without clipping etc., or could you please help me with making the head "surfaceable"?

Here is an image ( consisting of four screenshots, detailing the situation. The first picture shows the head spline I want to extrude or make surfaceable. The second one shows the entire structure in wireframe. The third image shows how the head and neck are lined up, while the fourth shows you what it looks like when I simply extrude and put them together.

Thanks in advance!
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12/15/2011 11:47:24 PM (last edit: 12/15/2011 11:47:24 PM)
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