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Problem with 3ds max materials
show user profile  jinkx123
I am just new using the 3ds max softwares so I dont know if this is stupid or easy to fix, but Ive been having a problem since i got the 3ds max design 2013... im trying to model a car following a tutorial, but im stuck because it tells me to use blueprints as materials to put them in planes, and have a guie to model the car I want, but all my materials have like low quality and are al diffuse, im suposed to drag a .JPG format (Blueprint) to the material and it is suposed to show a sphere with the ¨draw¨ in it, but all it becomes is a white sphere with nothing in it... that happens with any picture i try to put in a material. if I try to use a landscape with mostly blue in the picture, the sphere becomes just blue... I dont know if i could explain it as well but I hope somebody help me fix that, cuz then im not gonna be motivated to use the 3ds max haha.

Ps: Sorry for my english, im from colombia.
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7/19/2012 2:28:27 PM (last edit: 7/19/2012 2:28:27 PM)
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