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How do you prevent "Zoom Decelleration"?
show user profile  ShurikenUK
One thing thats becoming increasingly annoying recently, is how the zoom tool (mousewheel) seems to gradually slow down until it gets to a point where you simply cant zoom any further using the mousewheel. Now, I know theres another way around this (Holding CTRL+ALT, then moving the mouse), and I know you can use "Z" to realign/center the zoom target, which can be useful sometimes, but I just want to use the wheel to zoom, so I can continue using the workstyle I'm used to, which is orbiting the model using "ALT+Mid-mouse", panning with "Mid-mouse" and zooming using the mousewheel.

Is there any way to disable this seemingly needless "decelleration effect". All it does is create stress veins on my temples, I cant see any use for this feature whatsoever, beyond negativities lol...
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12/10/2011 12:09:10 AM (last edit: 12/10/2011 12:09:10 AM)
show user profile  Paunescudanutz
make a habit of pressing Z a lot with any selections and you will be fine


<---~( Daniel )~--->

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12/10/2011 12:15:21 AM (last edit: 12/10/2011 12:15:21 AM)
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