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point cache modifier Question
show user profile  jister
hey I'm trying to animated a group of robots.
I made a point cache file of a walk cycle.

now the robots have kinda red laser beaming from their one eye and i can't seem to get this light attached to the animation?

i recorded the point cache with a direct light attached to the bone-rig, but it doesn't take the light into account when recording (i think), because i lose the lights movement when i delete the rig...

tried linking it to the mesh, but that only follows new movements of the mesh, not the one coming from the point cache...

my last resort is changing the beam from a light to a geometry with a transparent self-illuminate shader...
my dead line is in 3 days :(

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8/27/2009 11:12:07 AM (last edit: 8/27/2009 11:12:07 AM)
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