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Pivot of single object alternating between assigned position and center of the object
show user profile  danielScharp
Hi everyone,

I was hoping to get more information on an issue that has been causing problems with my workflow. I have queried around with no luck. Hopefully someone can help me.

When I work on a scene in max, I would arrange all the items in my scene with their pivot at the bottom center. However I find on the odd occasion that the pivot for some of these individual objects would be centered and not in the bottom middle location that I had previously assigned.

This is with single objects selected, and when I select the Affect Pivot Only in the hierarchy tab the pivot reassigns automatically to the original position when my mouse hovers over.

Does anyone else have this issue and how have you rectified it. Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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1/24/2014 6:14:39 AM (last edit: 1/24/2014 6:14:39 AM)
show user profile  donvella
i use soulburn scripts - put pivot (free collection)

You can select all objects in your scene and place pivot to bottom

Also, I think this bug started in 2012, you just have to place the pivot, select the affect pivot button, move the viewport, and turn it back off again it should keep the pivot where you originally placed it

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1/24/2014 6:40:30 AM (last edit: 1/24/2014 6:41:40 AM)
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