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Pivot madness
show user profile  Flamin_Squirrel
I've done something silly, and now when selecting a face the pivot is normal to the face rather than XYZ. What have I done?!

Nothing in the Hierarchy tab seems to do the trick.
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2/23/2009 9:52:35 AM (last edit: 2/23/2009 9:52:35 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Change this drop down menu back from 'local' to 'view'

read 645 times
2/23/2009 9:56:40 AM (last edit: 2/23/2009 9:56:40 AM)
show user profile  Chris123643
damn your quick grotey... i was still loading up my jing, then i thought forget it, it will take too long. ill just try and decribe where it is, then i refresh and bang, you have the answer.

read 642 times
2/23/2009 9:57:53 AM (last edit: 2/23/2009 9:58:53 AM)
show user profile  Flamin_Squirrel
Thank you very much!
read 636 times
2/23/2009 10:06:12 AM (last edit: 2/23/2009 10:06:12 AM)
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