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PFlow help
show user profile  donvella
Im animating water dripping through cracks in the pavement, (About 5-600 different rocks). Is there a way to set a deflector to use more then 1 geometry at a time? Instead of setting a deflector for each piece of geometry.

read 449 times
9/29/2012 8:28:32 AM (last edit: 9/29/2012 8:28:32 AM)
show user profile  Tarkus289
Couldn't you make all the rocks 1 object, then apply the deflector to that, unless they need to be separated.
read 441 times
9/29/2012 9:04:53 AM (last edit: 9/29/2012 9:04:53 AM)
show user profile  donvella
each rock is animated differently. I remember hearing something about using groups, I dont know though. Any help would be useful

Answered my own question, groups.

read 423 times
9/30/2012 1:06:50 AM (last edit: 9/30/2012 5:39:17 AM)
show user profile  gogodr
I'm not sure about your problem. maybe try explaining it in more detail.

indeed you can use groups to add varieaty to your particles. you can place a set of object sin a group and assign only 1 object of the group to each particle procedural or randomly.

Hello there

beautiful ;3

read 415 times
9/30/2012 8:56:40 AM (last edit: 9/30/2012 8:56:40 AM)
show user profile  killerbee2
use the subscription pack of 2013, there's pflow toolbox included with particle massfx.

read 401 times
10/1/2012 1:52:32 AM (last edit: 10/1/2012 1:52:32 AM)
show user profile  donvella
gogodr - i was reffering to the deflector not the particles, grouping multiple geo works you can just select the group with the deflector.

killerbee - do you use physx plugin? Ive noticed it essentially 'replaces' massfx (without removing it) with the nvidia tools. They appear to do the same thing I thought the physx plugin was just to enable your gpu - not to replace the toolset?

edit: ah i c, massfx 2013 is nvidia physx. much nicer

read 394 times
10/1/2012 4:02:21 AM (last edit: 10/2/2012 8:40:26 AM)
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