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Personalized 1-on-1 online 3DsMax Lessons?
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Hello All,

My name is Rob Raio. About 2 years ago, I started a unique online training service for people who want to learn the art of 3D, as well as experienced 3D artists who just want to learn an extra step or two to add another dimension of quality and understanding to their work. When I first began using 3D Studio Max 12 years ago, I had very little resources besides book stores, and old school trial and error. I have learned a lot through the years and decided that creating a place where people can register for a single session at a time, or a long term learning investment, could be perfect! technical "snags" can hold you up for days or even turn you off to finishing your project that you have already put HOURS into creating. You can now simply submit a request for a "Snag Session" and get your questions answered. Every single session is individually created to ensure you get the most out of your time. Please stop by my facebook page and "like" 3D1on1. You can contact me, register for a session, request pricing, or even post your work for critiques!

I would love to hear from you guys, 3D1on1 really is the perfect learning opportunity and resource.

Currently accepting registrations for new students to begin March 1st!
"Snag Sessions" are always available, so feel free to sign up!!
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2/5/2012 6:39:41 PM (last edit: 2/5/2012 6:39:41 PM)
show user profile  gogodr
to get better attention I would place a good portfolio in that website so ppl know they are going to be taught by someone they can aspire to be like.
another thing I would like to see is a better website design since it looks very outdated. ( by outdated I mean low res, not really flashy graphics, solid color background, generic buttons with no appeal ) Nowdays people expect good looking flashy websites.

anyways Good luck on the classes.

I recommend myself having someone to teach you how to use 3DsMax when starting.
Personally I attended to a 3D art school and got an autodesk certification which was great as a base. That being said, the secret to be good is to keep studying and trying new things by yourself and take what you can from the internet after having the base clear

Hello there

beautiful ;3

read 499 times
2/5/2012 7:37:42 PM (last edit: 2/5/2012 7:42:41 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Permit me to critique what I see:

Your site looks pretty bad. Outdated. tiny, illegible fonts in places.
There are no examples of your work. It says there are videos, but I couldn't find any.
The pricing sheet is hard to read.
The latest news is December 18th 2009. Makes me wonder if it's dead.
Before investing any money in it, I would want to see a 10 minute Youtube example of one of your tutorials and some examples of the level of your skills.

Good luck though, I hope you get it running.

read 491 times
2/5/2012 7:56:03 PM (last edit: 2/5/2012 7:56:37 PM)
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I do appreciate the feedback on the website. I personally am not a web designer, although I learned enough for this site and created this one myself using Flash. Currently I have 2 regular students that I teach 3 days a week each, 2 hours per class session. I have had this much "success" if you will, for over a year. I am definitely looking to grow my business in the near future and do appreciate the feedback on the website that I know is not good for 2012... I have a 3DsMax certification, and plenty of work to show, although I have not built it into my website as of yet. You can view some of my work at which is a similarly horrible website, although it shows some work.

I am currently working on a bunch of short youtube tutorial videos as examples, as well as thinking about investing in a re-vamped website created by a professional. Also, when I generate enough interest, I will be conducting twice a month, a free 1 hour live training session for groups of up to 15 people, based off of feedback given as to what the topic will be. These group sessions will be created and signed up for through my facebook page and twitter, a perk for liking on facebook, and following @3D1on1 through twitter

I am in very early stages of my reaching out to new students and take this feedback seriously. Please feel free to join my facebook page by "liking" it, and you can follow 3D1on1's progress and possibly pass it along. I truly enjoy helping people, which is primarily the purpose of my business.

Thanks guys!

Rob Raio

read 479 times
2/5/2012 8:40:26 PM (last edit: 2/5/2012 8:40:26 PM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
im kind of disappointed this 1 on 1 video session doesn't come with a happy ending :/ maybe i've been hanging out around strippers too much

read 457 times
2/5/2012 11:04:08 PM (last edit: 2/5/2012 11:04:08 PM)
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haha! nope, no happy endings here.
read 427 times
2/6/2012 1:01:49 AM (last edit: 2/6/2012 1:01:49 AM)
show user profile  horizon
Aaaand now it is dead ... :P

read 413 times
2/6/2012 2:17:37 AM (last edit: 2/6/2012 2:17:37 AM)
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