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Permanent Opportunity
show user profile  BlueRhino_LJM
I hope this isnt against rules of this forum. My apologies if I have posted this incorrectly.

I am Leigh Martin and I am currently recruiting CGI Artists for a client of mine based in East London. They have a large studio and most of their work is commercial.

They are now seeking 5-6 good solid CGI Artists with 3DS Max, Maya and the ability to show good texturising, shadowing, rendering and still 3D expereince.

The work is an excellent opportunity to enhance the already high quality availble on this forum and the opportunity to secure a permament role with a very large corporate client.

Please email me at if this is of interest or call me on 01268 649017.

Thank you for reading this post. Leigh Martin
01268 649017
Blue Rhino Group
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9/19/2011 5:58:31 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 5:58:31 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion

Whats the pay?
read 617 times
9/19/2011 6:00:29 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 6:00:29 PM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Ah man you just emailed me but didn't mention it was in East London :( Disappointed now :(
Thought Id been head hunted >:(

Ah well back to sig wars :)

read 599 times
9/19/2011 6:42:31 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 6:43:13 PM)
show user profile  Kajico

While posting job opportunities is not against the forum rules, expect to be flamed and thrashed around if there's no clear discussion if it's paid work or an internship style job.

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

read 594 times
9/19/2011 6:43:28 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 6:43:28 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
Fair to assume it's proper paid work based on the details no?

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 586 times
9/19/2011 6:53:00 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 6:53:00 PM)
show user profile  BlueRhino_LJM
Thanks for all your responses.

The role is a permanent job. Its an excellent opportunity and the salary depending on experience is between £30-45k plus a very good benefits package.

To be honest, whilst I apprecaite salaries are me, you will want to work for this client. I have placed many people in this company and some travel some distance just to work for them. Great environment. Great product set. Fantastic studio setup.


Leigh Leigh Martin
01268 649017
Blue Rhino Group
read 561 times
9/19/2011 7:32:50 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 7:32:50 PM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
so do all employees get branded or tatooed? whats with the permanent :p

read 559 times
9/19/2011 7:33:29 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 7:33:29 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Stabby, that just means it's not a contract gig (usually). ie, a lot more secure!

Leigh, we spoke on the phone! I've passed your email address to a friend.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 552 times
9/19/2011 7:37:01 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 7:37:01 PM)
show user profile  BlueRhino_LJM
Much apprecaited Dave. sure if you wanted to be branded or tattooed they would oblige...Yes its a permanent opportunity.

Hope that helps Leigh Martin
01268 649017
Blue Rhino Group
read 542 times
9/19/2011 8:00:43 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 8:00:43 PM)
show user profile  Error404
>> ie, a lot more secure!

not really in LA though, haha -

read 519 times
9/19/2011 11:33:18 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 11:36:19 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Hah, well to be fair I'm not sure there is a "secure" job in England for 3d either, but permanent at-least means you get a redundancy package as opposed to a kick out the door!

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 509 times
9/19/2011 11:47:34 PM (last edit: 9/19/2011 11:47:34 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
Just not in games right? I don't hear of THAT many sudden job losses round these parts... I mean it happens, and a lot of people are on 6month contracts or what not, but after that not lotsy lots

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 500 times
9/20/2011 12:37:32 AM (last edit: 9/20/2011 12:37:32 AM)
show user profile  Dave
You'll have to forgive my pessimistic outlook Mr.Reeves, I'm an angry man deep down.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 481 times
9/20/2011 1:37:13 AM (last edit: 9/20/2011 1:37:13 AM)
show user profile  reeves1984

say its games though right? Or arch vis, can't be building them homes when no bodys got nos moneys!

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 476 times
9/20/2011 1:45:25 AM (last edit: 9/20/2011 1:45:25 AM)
show user profile  Sajith83
Is there opportunity for ppl overseas? I mean, does the company help with work permits and stuff for foreign workers...

or do u have to be living in England already.. sorry, not sure how to word it properly
read 449 times
9/20/2011 10:24:39 AM (last edit: 9/20/2011 10:24:39 AM)
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