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Path constraint, multiple constraints
show user profile  Pico
Hi everyone. I've been here before under the member name Picolini... but I can't remember that password! So I've got a new account.

And, I've got a problem that I hope some one here can help with.

I'm attempting to set up constraints for an object. Here's an image to show what I'm starting with.

Now, the yellow triangular objects rotate in a circular path, the outer circle ring.
My problem is with the green oval shaped object (with the three circles in the middle). I need the pivot point which is centered in the middle circle of the oval object to ride the ellipse BUT to also slide up and down with in the yellow triangular objects.

I attempted to set up a linear position constraint to keep the oval object moving up and down, then apply a path constraint along the oval but I cannot get anything to work.
This second image is to show what I need it to do when I rotate the yellow objects, taking the green oval object with it. Just to give you an idea of what I'm trying to achieve if my explanation is poor.

Bottom line: How can I get the green oval object to move with the yellow triangular objects as they traverse a circular path, while the green oval maintains the elliptical path while sliding up and down with in the yellow triangular objects?
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3/17/2009 10:18:31 PM (last edit: 3/17/2009 10:18:31 PM)
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