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Objects created at Center Grid?
show user profile  PhoenixF2B
Hi all!

It has been a while since I have tinkered around with Max, and I am trying to create some simple geometry but I think I hit a button or a hotkey and can't figure out what I did.

Every time I try to create an object, it's creating it at the center of the home grid (coordinates 0,0,0) instead of where I am clicking it.

I am assuming this is an easy fix and I just did something stupid and don't know enough to fix it myself. How can I tell Max to create geometry where I click on the home grid and NOT in the center?

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8/11/2015 9:32:45 PM (last edit: 8/11/2015 9:32:45 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
Never heard of that error before. Think your max is being... well, max.

Try clicking "Autogrid" (on or off), it's just above the shape selection (box, plane, cylinder etc).

P.S. The first mouse would get the cheese, not the second. Unless the cheese was in a mouse trap, of course, but that wasn't stated.
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8/11/2015 9:39:52 PM (last edit: 8/11/2015 9:39:52 PM)
show user profile  PhoenixF2B
Hmmm autogrid was turned off, and I just tried it both ways and it's still doing it. It was working just fine all day, but suddenly when I started to click on the edge of the home grid, all new items are now generating only in the center.

There is a good chance my butterfingers hit a hotkey by accident.

And yes, I meant the mousetrap :D
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8/11/2015 9:52:41 PM (last edit: 8/11/2015 9:52:41 PM)
show user profile  PhoenixF2B
Ok, if I shut down the app and restart, it stays. If I reset to a new project, it stays. Not sure how to turn this off. Anyone know?
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8/11/2015 10:01:48 PM (last edit: 8/11/2015 10:01:48 PM)
show user profile  FX
Yes, but I will only tell you if you stop saying "The Early Bird gets the worm....but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese. "

j/k Try deleting your enu folder. other words reset you prefs, maybe some default constraint dicking with you.

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8/11/2015 10:35:28 PM (last edit: 8/11/2015 10:35:28 PM)
show user profile  PhoenixF2B
LOL that's actually an ooooold signature line I put there like 15 years ago and forgot about it. It's gone now.

And deleting the ENU did the trick, thank you very much! :D
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8/12/2015 5:46:15 PM (last edit: 8/12/2015 5:46:15 PM)
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