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Nvidia 3D vision plugin for max ?
show user profile  killerbee2
Someone know of a plugin that supports nvidia 3d vision ?
Since my laptop got a 3D screen now, it might be pretty cool to work in real 3D.
Especially interesting when the stereooutput would be generated from 2 cameras on the fly so when working on a stereoscopic project you don't have to render first to check depths.

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9/10/2011 9:12:20 PM (last edit: 9/10/2011 9:12:20 PM)
show user profile  killerbee2

gonna take this for a spin...

EDIT: looks like it's no longer available

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9/11/2011 12:20:59 AM (last edit: 9/11/2011 12:23:20 AM)
show user profile  killerbee2

they seem to have some plugs

why hasnt anyone made this yet I wonder ...

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9/11/2011 1:27:34 AM (last edit: 9/11/2011 1:31:14 AM)
show user profile  soontekk
Been wondering about this myself.
Beginning to think this whole 3d glasses hype is dying down fast...

melting ur brainz!
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9/11/2011 2:54:26 AM (last edit: 9/11/2011 2:54:26 AM)
show user profile  LionDebt
glasses... browsers... who knows what's next? :D
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9/11/2011 3:15:33 AM (last edit: 9/11/2011 3:15:33 AM)
show user profile  S. Silard
Hologram !!!! I'm can't find the keyboard (that means I'm was again at great party...and some of you know what that means) , and I know the answer .......... \fail CECIL :P

Cecil - Just kidding , you know I love to cheat with you , after party .

Edit : Why the hell you and Jamie wasn't on ? Also Steve , where are you , what are yo f***** at the moment :P ? Sry about that .

Congrats, you found my signature.

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9/11/2011 3:31:20 AM (last edit: 9/11/2011 3:34:25 AM)
show user profile  LionDebt
lololol @ Szilard.

You alcoholic, I'll be sure to check my facebook mail tomorrow for whatever you managed type at me.. enjoy the hangover young one
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9/11/2011 3:40:42 AM (last edit: 9/11/2011 3:40:42 AM)
show user profile  S. Silard
I talk with Marko ... or just wrote him something ...... you wasn't on , you sucked :P ...... I'm was ready for one of those your links :P Some Dirty House .... :(

Congrats, you found my signature.

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9/11/2011 3:51:31 AM (last edit: 9/11/2011 3:51:31 AM)
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