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Nurb Problem
show user profile  Dan_1

I have been attempting to construct a car in 3d Max in order to teach myself to use nurbs. Unfortunatly I have been stuck on one problem.

I have done a 1/2 profile of the car using CV curves. I have a U loft surface running along these CV curves to create the exterior shape of the car. I have a UV loft surface to cap the 1/2 profile (The UV surface consists of 4 lines, 3 of which I'm trying to blend to the U loft surface.

The problem is that i need to have a smooth surface transition between a U loft and a UV surface when the U loft has 1 curve and the UV loft has 3. The two surfaces will blend correctly if all 3 of the UV loft curves (1,2 & 3 below) were one curve, yet the UV loft depends on having the 3 curves seperate.

- orange arrow is the direction of the curve.
- The UV loft is in red ( its made up of 4 curves) 3 curves (numbered) will join to the body of the car (blue).
-The green box is what happens if I blend the UV loft to the car. Blends only to curve 1.

I have tried:
- breaking the U loft into 3 parts (seperate curves and lofts) to meet up with the UV capping surface = Distorted finish. Didnt blend surfaces well.
- create cap surface = too flat (maby if i could curve the surface out as to blend it with the rest of the car body)
- U loft the caping surface = Corners of the capping surface distorted.

Thanks for your time it is much appreciated
read 679 times
12/26/2005 7:33:50 AM (last edit: 12/26/2005 7:56:11 AM)
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