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Normal maps & zbrush
show user profile  marzmon
Got inspired again by grotey

Now i have to make a basic character for my education project,
But how you make normal maps?

I know youl have to make 1 low poly and 1 high poly but what to do after that?

Also have the question if you made a low poly and want to give it details in zbrush.
What if your done?
How you get it back to 3D max.

and last: if you have a human character done in 3d and zbrush whats the best way to texture it?
I readed that you can also texture in zbrush but i dont know about that.

Thanks in advance
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3/7/2010 1:53:40 PM (last edit: 3/7/2010 1:53:40 PM)
show user profile  K-tonne

bit of reading for you there- tool> export at the lowest subD level to get the low poly out again

it'll all have to be mapped first though...
if you've got the uv mapper plugin it will give you a good start on it:

Website and Portfolio

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3/7/2010 5:15:53 PM (last edit: 3/7/2010 5:15:53 PM)
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