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New website & Tutorial
show user profile  IBENEZ21
I have recently redone my website to look a little more professional. I would really appreciate some crits or comments to help me improve it.

Also, I put up a tutorial on how to model a house from a floorplan... I've got the first part done, two to go.

Thanks guys!


read 574 times
11/7/2011 3:30:49 PM (last edit: 11/7/2011 4:08:35 PM)
show user profile  Sangre
Looks nice. But how do I go to the second and third parts of this tutorial?
read 542 times
11/7/2011 6:10:37 PM (last edit: 11/7/2011 6:10:37 PM)
show user profile  Dave
"I've got the first part done, two to go."

Huzzah for reading peoples posts!

Cool stuff Thomas, keep it coming.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 532 times
11/7/2011 6:31:07 PM (last edit: 11/7/2011 6:31:07 PM)
show user profile  Sangre
Should have loaded all three when they are done I think.
read 523 times
11/7/2011 6:56:33 PM (last edit: 11/7/2011 6:56:33 PM)
show user profile  Davious
"Should have loaded all three when they are done I think."


" Difficult, yes. Impossible , no..."
read 517 times
11/7/2011 7:46:10 PM (last edit: 11/7/2011 7:46:10 PM)
show user profile  IBENEZ21
Dave: Thanks!! Will keep at it :)

Sangre: I'll have them done soon enough... no worries

read 510 times
11/7/2011 8:17:44 PM (last edit: 11/7/2011 8:17:44 PM)
show user profile  Sangre
There's a guy I know who will appreciate this kind of a tut. Will stay tuned.
I can also translate it to russian if there's need to.
read 500 times
11/7/2011 8:52:01 PM (last edit: 11/7/2011 8:56:49 PM)
show user profile  GirishDJoshi
Very nice mate. Congrats.

Great tutorail, am sure many are / were waiting for this.

Modeling a building out of photograph / pdf is not the best way to do it unless you have no other choice.

3D ArchVis


Girish Joshi Photography

read 478 times
11/8/2011 5:02:54 AM (last edit: 11/8/2011 5:03:44 AM)
show user profile  IBENEZ21

Thanks! I agree, Cad data is so much easier to work with. The basic principals are the same with either method though, that is why I chose to do the tutorial on the harder of the two.

Once I get this set done and posted, I am planning on putting up some info on working with 2D/3D CAD files.

read 470 times
11/8/2011 6:51:03 AM (last edit: 11/8/2011 6:51:03 AM)
show user profile  adammichell
you ever been on here? some awesome ideas.

looking good so far!
read 463 times
11/8/2011 10:55:09 AM (last edit: 11/8/2011 10:55:09 AM)
show user profile  IBENEZ21
Sorry for the delay, but I finally got the last 2 parts of the tutorial posted up. Let me know what needs to improve :)

read 391 times
12/11/2011 10:17:32 PM (last edit: 12/11/2011 10:17:32 PM)
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