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New project ... another robot
show user profile  luima
Hi guys! long time i havent post here, i have become a beta tester for fryrender team, testing their software Arion. here are some screenshots, i will be doing a short film, with live action and cg.
i am desperatedly trying to get a grip of the old max 2.5 .modeled with max 8 (not 2008) and 2.5




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9/12/2011 9:34:24 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 9:34:24 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
Luima.. You are amazing.. That's about all I can say.. Your work is immaculate.

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9/12/2011 9:40:55 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 9:40:55 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Max R2.5? Holy crap that brings back a lot of memories :D

[edit] Oh and you fucking rock, Luima!

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9/12/2011 9:45:27 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 9:45:47 PM)
show user profile  luima
Thanks a lot for your words guys! max 2.5 indeed brings back a lot of good memories, it was the first version of max i used when i was a kid. i am using it because i need to use a commercial copy in order to make commercial works, and since i cannot afford it i considered blender or this old copy of 3ds max,i tried blender and didnt had any success , so i am trying to learn to work with the obvious limitations of an old software.

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9/12/2011 9:55:41 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 9:57:18 PM)
show user profile  BLoSk
Nice model, crazily detailed!

There are some smooth issues (or maybe something else, looks to me like a smooth issue) on the tire tracks though, it's probably most visible at the upper right tire.


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9/12/2011 10:04:11 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 10:04:50 PM)
show user profile  npcph
nice detail. good modeling. looking forward to seeing this.

read 1058 times
9/12/2011 10:08:42 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 10:08:42 PM)
show user profile  luima
thanks Blosk!! indeed! there are smooth issues on the tire thanks for pointing them out :D, some other parts also has smoothing issues, i will be working on it soon. i have almost one week working on this model, and i am planing on finish it in the next 3 days or so (at least modeling, and texturing)to proceed with the rig.
thanks again!

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9/12/2011 10:15:28 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 10:16:07 PM)
show user profile  BLoSk

After taking another look at it and when being really critical I would say the plating on the side of the thigh seem to fit in a bit weird with the front plating where the side plating has that pointy part and above that. Hope you understand what I mean, hard to point out when only using words.


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9/12/2011 10:21:56 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 10:21:56 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss
Isn't there that free modelling only version of max. I forget what it's called but I think it was based on version 4.

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9/12/2011 10:54:58 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 10:54:58 PM)
show user profile  LionDebt
gMax? As far as I know it was discontinued / cancelled a while back. May be wrong however.
read 1036 times
9/12/2011 10:57:39 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 10:57:39 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss
Yup. It's still out there though.

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9/12/2011 11:00:06 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 11:00:06 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
2.5 Ah, the memories. Wasn't that the first version that didn't need NT to run? Great stuff, Luima.

read 1029 times
9/12/2011 11:03:33 PM (last edit: 9/12/2011 11:03:33 PM)
show user profile  Garp
gmax is still here.
Definitely better than max 2.5 since it has Editable Polys (it was from the 1st max version that had them).
BUT - and that's a big one - it's limited in the amount of geometry it can export. If I remember well there was a script or plugin to circumvent that limitation. Might still be out there...

edit: sorry for the lack of C&Cs. Do something crappy for a change ;)

read 1012 times
9/13/2011 12:17:15 AM (last edit: 9/13/2011 12:18:14 AM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Nik: The first version of Max I used was R2 and I didn't run on any NT at that time. I think I was on Windows 95 still actually.

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read 1003 times
9/13/2011 12:47:06 AM (last edit: 9/13/2011 12:47:06 AM)
show user profile  mike_renouf
SURELY if you're beta testing for fryrender, and they have seen the quality of your work, they can sponsor you with an up to date license of max? Have you asked them? Stunning work as usual. I wouldn't know where to start on a project like that...

read 966 times
9/13/2011 2:55:00 PM (last edit: 9/13/2011 2:55:00 PM)
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