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Need your brainz
show user profile  9krausec
So I'm wondering you guys could go to this site and give me your thoughts-

Is this something like Unity or Unreal running in a browser first off? What would be the best file type to generate to plug models into something like this?

- Portfolio-

read 504 times
5/6/2015 1:47:03 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 1:47:03 PM)
show user profile  LionDebt
"My browser doesn't support streaming."

read 500 times
5/6/2015 1:49:40 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 1:49:40 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
huh. That's weird. I'm using Chrome, what the hell are you using? lol

- Portfolio-

read 493 times
5/6/2015 1:53:59 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 1:53:59 PM)
show user profile  gogodr
Cant get it working but judging by the description and the website composition, looks like a streaming service.
this means, cloud rendering.
Like this>

Hello there

beautiful ;3

read 485 times
5/6/2015 2:19:36 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 2:19:36 PM)
show user profile  LionDebt
I use Infinity the 3D web browser.
read 476 times
5/6/2015 2:38:57 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 2:38:57 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Seems to be cloud rendered streaming indeed.

read 472 times
5/6/2015 2:42:48 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 2:42:48 PM)
show user profile  TiMoN
Works on FF36.
Didn't seem to need any plugins installed, so Flash or HTML5 based streaming ?
Don't know if it is supposed to feature motionblur though, or if that is just an issue with the streaming speed.. I'am on a ~60/60Mb line though, so I would think the connection speed should be okay..

Terribly boring signature.
read 461 times
5/6/2015 2:51:19 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 2:51:19 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Seems to be using Lua/html canvas.

read 457 times
5/6/2015 2:53:19 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 2:53:19 PM)
show user profile  ijzerman
technically i think its pretty clever but i dont really get the bussiness side of it, i dont think you can make a profit out of it, buying and managing expensive servers and keeping it working on so many browsers and platforms.

Pushing buttons since "86
read 448 times
5/6/2015 3:11:01 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 3:11:01 PM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
It's not really new as such is it.. What was it called uplay or something let you play games online that were streamed, i think batman arkham asylum was the free demo, just log in and play the games..

Website | Blog | Contact | Vimeo

read 431 times
5/6/2015 4:02:09 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 4:02:09 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
^Bingo guys. Thanks for filling me in. I was curious how the hell they were running a game engine with the effects that resembled the motion blur and bloom in Unreal4.

It's some silly idea to showcase equipment/product integrated with VR. So walk around and look at virtual products.... My next question is if there is a way to confirm they are indeed using UE4?

That'd help me out a lot too. You guys rock! It was sort of urgent this morning that I wrapped my head around what this was and I'm extremely appreciative of your quick responses.


- Portfolio-

read 426 times
5/6/2015 4:20:30 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 4:20:30 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Well that was annoying as all hell to operate.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 421 times
5/6/2015 4:36:58 PM (last edit: 5/6/2015 4:36:58 PM)
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