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N00B help please.
show user profile  extremeclay
I'm new here and have been fiddling around with 3dsMAX for about 1 to 2 years now. Just recently have I decided to actually TRY at it.

Anyway, I've been trying to do the Joan of ARC tutorial, and I came to a little annoying snag at the very beginning. After applying Meshsmooth to the leg, there is a part that is off, or unattached to the rest. I think I've probably messed something up while modeling it in the editable mesh mode, but I'm not really sure.

Here's the tutorial I'm following:
Here's a picture of my leg:

Thank you in advance ^^
read 328 times
6/29/2010 5:18:13 AM (last edit: 6/29/2010 5:18:13 AM)
show user profile  markoid
You have some polies 'inside' the leg... delete them, then select all verts and press 'weld', then turn up the threshold a bit so all unwelded verts will be welded

read 315 times
6/29/2010 6:10:48 AM (last edit: 6/29/2010 6:10:48 AM)
show user profile  extremeclay
Thank you very much. I found the weld tool, on the side bar, and it has two options. I'm a little unsure what I'm suppose to press?

Also, when using the cut tool, how do you make it not snap automatically to another vertex? It's very annoying.

Thanks again~
read 312 times
6/29/2010 6:29:25 AM (last edit: 6/29/2010 6:29:25 AM)
show user profile  markoid
I don't think you can stop the vert snap on the cut tool... it stops as ssoon as you hover over an edge anyway.
Hit the settings side of the weld button ( if using edit poly) and adjust the tolerance there.

read 288 times
6/29/2010 12:38:27 PM (last edit: 6/29/2010 12:39:24 PM)
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