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Model a willow tree?
show user profile  lizinthesky

I'm working on making some different types of trees at the moment for a scene. I'd like a tree which is like a willow tree: - kind of droopy and hanging.

I'm not sure how to go about getting these droopy strands of leaves. I tried making some leaves and using the spacing tool along some splines, but that was gonna take forever to get them all in place on the main branches. I thought also of using hair and fur, but that will drastically increase the render time.

Does anyone have any sugestions/pointers for how to do this? The trees do not need to be strictly low-poly, but they do not need to be hugely accurate or detailed, nor exactly photorealistic, they will be seen from a distance. These are the two trees I've completed (in their rough forms) to get an idea of the type of thing I'm going for:
The willows won't be seen much closer than those two trees.

read 3078 times
4/6/2008 2:50:27 PM (last edit: 4/6/2008 2:54:03 PM)
show user profile  Jimboliah
AEC Extended > foliage > Weeping Willow

It's already there in Max. ;)
read 3003 times
4/6/2008 6:45:10 PM (last edit: 4/6/2008 6:45:35 PM)
show user profile  soontekk

edit: any idea if u can add more of those ?
i though there used to be more you could buy

melting ur brainz!
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read 2990 times
4/6/2008 7:06:36 PM (last edit: 4/6/2008 7:15:55 PM)
show user profile  Jimboliah
None that i've seen.
Someone asked the same question on a max discussion forum, most just told him to go third party.
read 2975 times
4/6/2008 7:37:01 PM (last edit: 4/6/2008 7:37:01 PM)
show user profile  lizinthesky
Hi, thanks for your suggestion, but this is for a university project and I will get no marks for using a built in tree in Max, or I'd have used them for all my trees ;)

How you people go about modelling it if there was no built-in tree?


read 2927 times
4/7/2008 5:06:19 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 5:06:19 AM)
show user profile  soontekk
i would custom model a hanging branch (spline + leaves) make a bunch of different ones and start copy pasting them and adjusting them a bit

melting ur brainz!
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read 2906 times
4/7/2008 6:41:35 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 6:41:35 AM)
show user profile  Joey Parker Jr.
you could try particle flow. check out the grotorial index page.
I did these branches using it. I only made one pine needle.
 photo 2012-sig_small3_zpsbd114b69.png

read 2883 times
4/7/2008 10:12:53 AM (last edit: 4/7/2008 10:13:28 AM)
show user profile  lizinthesky
Ah, now that Pflow thing looks interesting... your pine branches look better than mine! (See picture in top post, they are textures with opacity on flat planes! but still quite effective).

I've only tried particle flow once to try to make wome water in a river, but it cained my computer for the rendering - but I'm not sure if that was to do with the blobmesh on the particles adding to the time, or something.

In terms of rendering, how would this method perform? Does making these with particle flow add much to the render, like the hair and fur does, or is it more like cloth, where the calculations are done in the modifier/viewport stage and the render isnt affected so much? Also, can the particles done like this be affected by gravity to hang downwards like a willow?

read 2832 times
4/8/2008 7:45:51 AM (last edit: 4/8/2008 7:47:17 AM)
show user profile  Joey Parker Jr.
the render took about 30 minutes for this little thing so you probably
don't want to go this route. I took one willow branch and made an alpha
channel for the opacity slot in the material editor. I applied it to a plane
and used the plane as the particle. I made a half sphere for the emitter
and hid it from the render. Here's some pics.
I know you need to do this in max
otherwise I would recommend vue6.
 photo 2012-sig_small3_zpsbd114b69.png

read 2799 times
4/8/2008 3:51:56 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 12:40:06 PM)
show user profile  droogenbrother
Very nice and quick! Joey Parker Jr. you keep pushing vue6 ...are you a vue 6 under cover marketer? :P

and BTW where did you get that willow branch if i may ask? are there more tree branches at this resource?
Providence protects children and idiots. I know because I have tested it.

- Mark Twain

read 2782 times
4/8/2008 4:57:43 PM (last edit: 4/8/2008 5:01:28 PM)
show user profile  Joey Parker Jr.
Thanks Droogenbrother. I hijacked the branch from google.
Is that legal?
I just got vue 6 for a project and depending on how it comes out
I'll decide if I really like it. I figured since I brought up using pflow
I should see if I could get it to work.
 photo 2012-sig_small3_zpsbd114b69.png

read 2771 times
4/8/2008 5:15:01 PM (last edit: 4/8/2008 5:15:01 PM)
show user profile  soontekk
very nice jpj !

melting ur brainz!
/ FOS4 / FO2 / Blurb / Twitter / Facebook / Vimeo /

read 2744 times
4/9/2008 5:11:29 AM (last edit: 4/9/2008 5:11:29 AM)
show user profile  Animated Mesh
" I hijacked the branch from google. Is that legal?"

Yea, about that. No. No it is not.

read 2719 times
4/9/2008 10:34:58 AM (last edit: 4/9/2008 10:34:58 AM)
show user profile  Joey Parker Jr.
That's what I thought.
 photo 2012-sig_small3_zpsbd114b69.png

read 2703 times
4/9/2008 12:40:50 PM (last edit: 4/9/2008 12:40:50 PM)
show user profile  lizinthesky

I'm trying out this particle system for the branches of the tree. I can't figure out though how to make the hempsphere emit the particles. Is there a setting to allow this selection via the emitter object box like in the tinsel grotial? I can't see that box in mine.

actually, I just found it, I needed an emitter object, not an icon. :)
read 2657 times
4/11/2008 3:33:53 PM (last edit: 4/11/2008 3:39:09 PM)
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