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Mirroring only certain vertices in a mesh?
show user profile  JohnDoe
Before anyone asks, I checked out a few tutorials and my manual, unfortunately being at this (ridiculously) low level of skill everything either obviously doesn't apply to this or is way over my head and I can't understand it. I'm willing to devote rather large amounts of time to learn, but if I can't understand then I can't learn, so I'm hoping someone will break this one thing down for me.

So I've got this editable mesh here, and I fiddled with it some. I'm not the best at explaining things so I've included a picture (<--- click!). The objective was to cut off what I felt was the crappy half of the shoulder pads and duplicate the left shoulder pad. Parting with the crappy half was easy enough, but I'm having trouble with the next part.

One obvious fix would be to mirror it over to the other side, though if possible I'd like to keep them both in the same mesh. When I use Tools>>Mirror... I end up either mirroring/duplicating and mirroring both sides. The result gives me two properly placed shoulder pads and two badly placed shoulder pads, in two different meshes (it'd be alright if the two good ones were in the same mesh).
Another obvious fix would be to use Modifiers>>Mesh Editing>>Symmetry, the problem with this is that for reasons unknown to me but more than likely has to do with the fact that what I'm using the model for requires that the model be in a proprietary format that doesn't support certain things.

So is there a way to mirror only the vertices I want without creating a new mesh?

Also, I thought it'd be worth mentioning that I'm new to modeling, I'm new to 3DS, I'm new to the forum, please go easy on me. =)

Credit due: Mesh/textures made by LionHead/Big Blue Box. _________________
Hardware Junkie
Software Dummy
read 465 times
4/3/2008 1:12:10 AM (last edit: 4/3/2008 1:28:44 AM)
show user profile  K'tonne
use mirror (chose clone), delete the parts from both models you don't need then attach together- weld seams if you need too
you were almost there

Click for webpage/CV

read 429 times
4/3/2008 3:29:27 AM (last edit: 4/3/2008 3:29:54 AM)
show user profile  JohnDoe
Thanks, thank you very much.
While this thread sort of contradicts this, I really am trying my best to learn modeling, it's just so above me (for now).

Anyway, thanks again. I'll do this right now.

It worked! I can't believe it was so simple, I almost feel ashamed for asking for help on something as easy as this. Anyway, DirectX Viewer says that I made my first successful, properly weighted mesh edit. Click me!

Thanks K'tonne. _________________
Hardware Junkie
Software Dummy
read 402 times
4/3/2008 4:22:22 PM (last edit: 4/3/2008 4:33:31 PM)
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