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my mesh exploded at render time
show user profile  GreenFlag
Hi there,

1st time it happened to me:
any of u had this before?
my stack:

dont know why it happened, I was working since a long time on the mesh with Edit Poly, Boolean and UVW.
It looked finally good so I threw 2 renderings to the Backburner.
And it appeared broken there.
So I went back to the file, it looked all ok, I even started a render directly in max frame window, it started also ok, so I stopped it and restarted max, thought it would help but when I opened the file again, the mesh it self looked like that, exploded, I think the file got corrupt but dont know what happened nor how to repair it..

any idea?
tried a Reset X form, to attach it to a standard primitive, nothing worked..
I also wonder how to avoid this in the future.
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9/24/2015 9:22:15 AM (last edit: 9/24/2015 9:22:15 AM)
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