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Mental Ray resources
show user profile  Mack_Blariah
I've used Mental Ray a fair bit over the years but never had need to get seriously in-depth with it. Now that I'm taking some time to do so I'm finding that there's a lot of information but it's all dispersed among millions of blogs and tutorial sites.

Is there a good book or site that explains things a bit more than just "This is what the spinner does?"

And yes, I know Mental Ray is quickly moving into "deprecated" territory but I can't afford VRay or anything else right now otherwise I'd just move to that.
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7/13/2014 4:14:45 AM (last edit: 7/13/2014 4:14:45 AM)
show user profile  Nanne
"This is what the spinner does?" - If that's what you are looking for then check the manual.

Here are some of my favourite tutorial/sites for mental ray:

[Edit] Oops, forgot the most important one! Master Zap's blog:

Here's a book as well that seams very good, by Jennifer O'Conner:

Hope that help, cheers!

Kristoffer Helander
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7/13/2014 9:16:33 AM (last edit: 7/13/2014 9:25:07 AM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
some more:
ooh and my favorite:

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7/14/2014 2:55:57 PM (last edit: 7/14/2014 2:57:18 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
>> Mental Ray is quickly moving into "deprecated" territory

Please explain?

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7/14/2014 2:56:40 PM (last edit: 7/14/2014 2:56:40 PM)
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