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Maxscript read data after prefix
show user profile  3joez
Say I have node names like object_01, object_02, object_03 and so on.

How do I read the numbers after the suffix "_" to plug them into variables?
read 389 times
1/12/2015 4:26:13 PM (last edit: 1/12/2015 4:26:13 PM)
show user profile  3joez
Figured it out. I'm using filterString command. Thanks anyway.
read 389 times
1/12/2015 4:41:58 PM (last edit: 1/12/2015 4:41:58 PM)
show user profile  3joez
I've ran into another strange, but apparently simple problem.

I've collected a strings array. Let's call it collection . It contains one element (that's what filterstring does).

That element contains the string "1". I want that string to be converted into a number.

No matter what, I cannot convert it to an integer.

I've tried:

collection[1] as int --> gives unable to convert

collection as int --> gives unable to convert

read 371 times
1/12/2015 5:52:09 PM (last edit: 1/12/2015 5:52:52 PM)
show user profile  ccampbell
You need to spell out "integer" i.e. - collection[1] as integer

$Entrepreneur = if((Designer + Engineer)*Programmer){Problem Solver};

read 365 times
1/12/2015 6:29:17 PM (last edit: 1/12/2015 6:29:17 PM)
show user profile  3joez
I was missing a parenthesis (collection as integer).
read 348 times
1/13/2015 9:07:12 AM (last edit: 1/13/2015 9:18:16 AM)
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