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Max to Modo and back again
show user profile  FX
I knew this would happen, exporting from max as obj to use Meshfusion, mesh comes into Modo with gaps.

Max is Quad unfriendly, Modo is quad based...any advice to ease the workflow, other than "make sure your mesh is all quads" :)

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9/9/2014 8:33:44 AM (last edit: 9/9/2014 8:33:44 AM)
show user profile  FX
Mesh Cleanup

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9/9/2014 8:38:05 AM (last edit: 9/9/2014 8:38:49 AM)
show user profile  IBENEZ21
I've had really good experience with fbx coming into and out of Modo. Modo actually handles fbx files better than Max, which is weird.

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9/9/2014 4:27:03 PM (last edit: 9/9/2014 4:27:03 PM)
show user profile  Error404
I think I'd try FBX before I tried OBJ -

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9/9/2014 5:09:16 PM (last edit: 9/9/2014 5:09:16 PM)
show user profile  FX
I thought of FBX but was too focused on the coolness of meshfusion to faff with it, it's more down to the actual topo than the format it comes in with, but will definitely be giving fbx a shot...after some sleep.

I've been using Grider to quickly cut quads into extruded splines....

crude, but there's no Qbic Mesh exporter for max...yet ;).

I'm still clunking around MODO's UI like a headless chicken so building all the boolean shape objects in max, should be able to get by with the Qbic presets when I get up to speed.
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9/9/2014 6:11:33 PM (last edit: 9/9/2014 6:11:33 PM)
show user profile  FX
Wow, thanks, FBX muchos better, option to load normals, smoothing, merge etc. I used obj out of habit...lazy habit, I didn't realize you could also bring in 3ds with the FBX option too.

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9/12/2014 4:28:08 PM (last edit: 9/12/2014 4:29:29 PM)
show user profile  FX
Can I get live extrudes in Modo 801 ? seem to have to keep hitting the apply button before i can see my edits..surely that can't be right.
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9/12/2014 4:47:02 PM (last edit: 9/12/2014 4:47:28 PM)
show user profile  IBENEZ21
I'm not exactly sure what you are needing, but try this.

select the polygon, select the extrude command, then hit ;

this will give you a tool handle that you can manipulate in the viewport.

the ; key works the same with all other modelling tools... once the behavior is set on a tool, it remembers it, so you will only need to hit it once per tool.

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9/12/2014 5:12:52 PM (last edit: 9/12/2014 5:12:52 PM)
show user profile  FX
Thanks ibz, perfect, not only can you manip in the viewport but also the mesh updates when dragging the sliders after hitting ";", exactly what I was looking for.
Going to have to get a hang of the basics and change all the key shortcuts...and take notes...quite a different environment to Max, even changing key shortcuts seems to be a bit of a faff.
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9/12/2014 5:42:38 PM (last edit: 9/12/2014 5:42:38 PM)
show user profile  IBENEZ21
It is definitely a bit of a learning curve coming from max.

once it clicked with me though, there was no going back... I dread modelling in max now. (except working with splines).

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9/12/2014 6:14:10 PM (last edit: 9/12/2014 6:14:10 PM)
show user profile  FX
Hehe yeah, it reminds me of the first time I opened Max 3.1 back in the day...I closed it very quickly ;)

For the sake of Meshfusion I'm going to persevere with it, but so accustomed to extruding splines in Max for boolean ops.

I tried passing them through zBrush -> Dynamesh to get that Smooth quad Qbics feel, but kept getting wobbly results.

Current "Qbics type" mesh workflow in Max is: create spline shape -> normalize spline (evens out the verts) -> extrude (with segments) -> Quadcap Pro the tops (with inset), add a subdiv.

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9/12/2014 7:18:04 PM (last edit: 9/12/2014 7:18:04 PM)
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