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Max file sluggish
show user profile  Jock
Is there any way to find out in a max file, whats actually creating the size of the file, much like what you can get in explorer using file tree. So you can see where most of the resources are being accumulated?

Thing is i have a file and its about 70mb and the viewport is very sluggish but theres not a great deal in the scene. Its a basic building made from editable polys. theres no furniture, plants etc so it seems a little large and sluggish considering whats in it
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9/23/2011 10:04:27 AM (last edit: 9/23/2011 10:04:27 AM)
show user profile  Nanne
Perhaps this helps:

Kristoffer Helander
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9/23/2011 11:02:09 AM (last edit: 9/23/2011 11:02:09 AM)
show user profile  Jock
Now i cant even open the files in question, must be something wrong. Cant even get to run the script.

I try to load them into max and it just freezes with a little message at the bottom saying MXS auto incresed heap size to: 24197232
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9/23/2011 12:43:29 PM (last edit: 9/23/2011 12:43:29 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss
I would try a merge and get rid of everything that isn't a mesh, light or camera and see how you do.

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9/23/2011 12:45:19 PM (last edit: 9/23/2011 12:45:19 PM)
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