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Materials basic question.......please....
show user profile  maxing
Hi there forum¡¡¡¡
well...using max 9 sp2. and trying to perform magic with it and poser pro.
But something is happening with my material libraries. I´m trying to import to the library the max 5 materials and maps that are great to, wood, concrete etc.....cause i cant find them in max 9...seems to be all i have are architectural......
so I open the materia leditor, the get material button, then the material map browser appears, then i click the update scene materials from library button and this message appears : "the library contains no materials with the same name as materials in the scene"... sad....then i click the open or merge buttons in the material map browser and where i have lots of materials and maps, of which im sure they exist... the file says.....".nothing found.....never happen before.....can someone tell me why? or how t solve this basic basic mistery.....
read 436 times
3/26/2009 9:22:22 PM (last edit: 3/26/2009 9:22:22 PM)
show user profile  donvella
Try here

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\materiallibraries\3dsmax.mat

read 427 times
3/26/2009 10:09:37 PM (last edit: 3/26/2009 10:09:37 PM)
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