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can't re-set material editor slots
show user profile  Boing
when i try to re-set my material editor slots i get a message saying " Runtime error: cannot assign undefined to material editor slots" and a Macro_mediautilities window opens with the following script

macroScript clear_medit_slots
enabledIn:#("MAX", "VIZ")
category:"Medit Tools"
internalCategory:"Medit Tools"
ButtonText:"Reset Material Editor Slots"
tooltip:"Reset Material Editor Slots"

on execute do
defaultMtlLibFile = MeditUtilities.getDefaultLibraryFile()
if defaultMtlLibFile != undefined do
defaultMtlLib = loadTempMaterialLibrary defaultMtlLibFile
global _meditMaterialsBeforeReset = #()
for i in 1 to meditMaterials.count do
append _meditMaterialsBeforeReset meditMaterials[i]
if i <= defaultMtlLib.count then
meditMaterials[i] = defaultMtlLib[i]
meditMaterials[i] = defaultMtlLib[defaultMtlLib.count]

I'm not a scripter but it seems that there is no material defined to place into the slots on re-set. I've recently had a problem with my material editor not giving me acess to slate as i had loaded up my 2010 menus into 2011 but i've since re-set to default menus and set vray as the default type. Can anyone help?
read 1148 times
2/28/2011 1:39:16 PM (last edit: 2/28/2011 1:39:16 PM)
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