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Map Channel
show user profile  HG
Hi everybody
Can I combine 2 different texture with different map channels together ?
tnx in advance
read 377 times
8/29/2016 1:19:01 PM (last edit: 8/29/2016 1:19:01 PM)
show user profile  herfst1

In the material editor you can select the texture and set it's uv channel to 2 instead of 1 and it will display the alt uv-mapping.
read 357 times
8/29/2016 9:59:31 PM (last edit: 8/29/2016 9:59:53 PM)
show user profile  HANZZ
If you mean something like creating a tile floor, and have a muddy spot over in one corner, but you don't want the muddy spot to also tile, then yeah, you can do that. You'd apply a 2nd uv map modifier (planar), change the uv map modifier to channel 2. You'd need to create a muddy texture, give it a separate image as an alpha channel. Set the muddy texture and its alpha both to channel 2 and TURN OFF TILE settings for both of them. You can then adjust the muddy texture location.

 photo MorgothArisenSig_zpsup4yjp7o.jpg

read 345 times
8/30/2016 8:01:11 AM (last edit: 8/30/2016 8:01:11 AM)
show user profile  FX
Basically dis :

read 339 times
8/30/2016 8:54:12 AM (last edit: 8/30/2016 8:54:12 AM)
show user profile  HG
tnx for your answers
read 330 times
8/30/2016 11:40:51 PM (last edit: 8/30/2016 11:40:51 PM)
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