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Making a model turnaround?
show user profile  wolfy2449
Hello, i need to make a model turnaround and cant remember how. There was one time i did it and created a circle that went 360 degrees around the model with a camera but cant remember how exactly i made the camera move and generally how i did it.

Can anyone please remind me how to take make a 3d model turnaround? So i can get around 300 images of a model and put them in a video editor so it will be able to turn around perfectly if in loop?
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12/9/2011 11:26:16 PM (last edit: 12/9/2011 11:26:16 PM)
show user profile  RedStar
Make circle.
Make camera.

Select camera.
Go to
Animation>path constraint.
Choose circle.

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12/9/2011 11:27:16 PM (last edit: 12/9/2011 11:27:16 PM)
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