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Looking for a snippet or help with layers
show user profile  jpedleham
Hi, Im trying to piece together a small bit of code just to run through each layer and group everything on that layer renaming the group to the layer name.

I have this at the moment but nothing is being selected for some reason
Any ideas?

for i = 0 to layerManager.count-1 do
ilayer = layerManager.getLayer i
layerName =
(layerManager.getLayerFromName true
group selection name:layername


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5/14/2015 12:53:26 PM (last edit: 5/14/2015 12:53:26 PM)
show user profile  Garp
1- do you want to group the objects in the default layer as well?
2- do you want the groups (and their objects) moved to the default layer?
3- if yes to 2, do you want the empty layers to be deleted?

edit: If 'yes' to everything,

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5/14/2015 7:45:50 PM (last edit: 5/14/2015 8:13:59 PM)
show user profile  jpedleham
Garp, Youre a legend. Thanks that worked perfectly!
It completely sorts out the category layers revit buildings are in when brought into max! :D
Thanks again!
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5/14/2015 8:52:01 PM (last edit: 5/14/2015 8:52:01 PM)
show user profile  Garp

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5/14/2015 9:36:44 PM (last edit: 5/14/2015 9:36:44 PM)
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