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Logitech MX Master
show user profile  FX
Anyone have one ? I'm reading a lot of reports the middle mouse button's a bit iffy, it's the first thing to go on all my mice due to excessive alt-rotate/panning.

It looks cool, but a bit 'delicate'.

read 1025 times
5/3/2016 3:15:07 PM (last edit: 5/3/2016 3:18:47 PM)
show user profile  S. Silard
I have a Digitus AGM107E. So simple and cheap, even google won't find it. It worked perfectly for 8 frickin' years now! And trust me, it had fell down, got some tee and soda, being used with gluey hands, yet it's still working.

What's the point of these gaming mice, if it's get's broken pretty fast, and costs a lot because it looks like a spaceship?

read 1016 times
5/3/2016 3:34:54 PM (last edit: 5/3/2016 3:34:54 PM)
show user profile  TiMoN
I currently have a logitech MX1100R.. Best goddamn mouse ever... EVAR!
The MX Master is probably what I will be looking for, when my current mouse finally dies. But, yes that Auto Microgear thing(If you scroll fast, it automatically switches to the smooth scrolling mode), has me worried as well, it feels like something that will break pretty fast, and the two thumb buttons are too damn small, it just feels like you have to hurt your thumb, in order to twist it onto the smaller button.

I have grown very accustomed to having the microgear/smooth scrolling feature, but I am not liking the direction Logitech is currently going in with their mice designwise, so its a bit of a hard choice, since I believe that they have copyrights for the microgear feature..

Terribly boring signature.
read 1014 times
5/3/2016 3:43:06 PM (last edit: 5/3/2016 3:43:06 PM)
show user profile  FX
Yup, "Ratchet Fail" seems to be the keyword, there may be a fix:

More parts = more things to go wrong, I might just get another M510 instead, I just bought a K800 backlit keyboard and wanted a good & aesthetic mouse to go with it.

read 1008 times
5/3/2016 4:03:25 PM (last edit: 5/3/2016 4:05:46 PM)
show user profile  FX
I've decide to go for one, I need something to compliment the K800, and you have to admit this does look pretty nice.

From what I've read, the free spin issue affects the first models released.

Logitech never acknowledge hardware faults and prefer to send customers in pointless error testing circles and feeding them bullshit in forums, whilst in the meantime addressing hardware issues from user feedback and releasing newer models without telling anyone, rather than admitting a mistake...or that's the way it seems to be.

Now all I need to find is a good source with a solid returns policy that doesn't expire after 30 days, it may be doing the return shuffle a few times. :/

read 963 times
5/4/2016 3:59:44 PM (last edit: 5/4/2016 3:59:44 PM)
show user profile  Sangre
Alt-rotate/panning killed some my mice middle click as well until I've started using the Etekcity Scroll M910. The wheel is very stiff though so it starts to hurt my index fingertip after prolonged use. So since recently I went back to the Deathadder with a broken middle click. Scrolling is nice and smooth and the middle click is now bound to one of the side buttons. Takes some getting used to but now it feels better this way.
read 956 times
5/4/2016 4:50:51 PM (last edit: 5/4/2016 4:51:24 PM)
show user profile  FX
Etekcity Scroll looks neat, can't find a UK distributer with one in stock tho, what price did yo pay for it ?

re: the MX Master, Argos are the only ones I could find who do a "no questions asked" refund or replace within the 12 month warranty period if it fails, all the rest offer a repair service that takes forever.

read 951 times
5/4/2016 5:07:07 PM (last edit: 5/4/2016 5:12:03 PM)
show user profile  Sangre
I bought it on eBay for about 25$ + shipping. This mouse is also being sold under different brands. There are wired versions called Delux M910BU and aLLreLi M910BU (available on Amazon). Its great in terms of comfort and functionality.
There are some minor issues with it: the materials are kind of cheap and the sensor isn't the most accurate. Also when I press and hold the right button it's harder to press the left one.

edit: also the one I have didn't come with the driver software but the buttons are easy to reprogram with AutoHotKey.
read 948 times
5/4/2016 5:32:37 PM (last edit: 5/4/2016 5:37:40 PM)
show user profile  FX
Cool Delux M910BU and aLLreLi M910BU are readily available in UK, they seem to get good reviews, for £15 a pop it's worth trying one, these budget mice don't seem that bad.

I like the look of this one, my RSI wants me to try it, the ball of my hand suffers a lot, that extension pad looks like it would relive it.

read 943 times
5/4/2016 5:50:53 PM (last edit: 5/4/2016 8:15:45 PM)
show user profile  FX
Price has dropped to fifty squid on the MX Master, maybe the number of complaints about the scroll wheel had something to do with it.

read 838 times
5/22/2016 11:49:21 PM (last edit: 5/22/2016 11:49:21 PM)
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