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Linked files in Max - please help!
show user profile  HappyScamp
Hi, I'm sure this problem will be easy for most of you.
I have been sent a Max file to edit, it is in VRay (don't think that point is important)

It seems to have been built out of several different Max files which are then linked into this one somehow. I have tried to select objects but I can't. When I hover over them it comes up with a yellow box saying {filename} in.

My question is, how do I select these components? For example one is a {ceiling} and I would like to remove the ceiling but as I can't select it I have no idea how. Can anyone please help me?

Thank you!
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10/25/2011 6:22:20 PM (last edit: 10/25/2011 6:22:20 PM)
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