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Library Track / Relink by Pixamoon
show user profile  donvella
FYI, Not a paid advertisement - just been beta testing this and its bloody amazing for auto-relinking multiple max files at a time (more then 20 at the moment is a bit of a killer but it works...)

It relinks anything in the asset tracker (bitmaps, proxies, ies etc)

We bought and tested it on an entire evermotion package. Once it has gone through and relinked them (just as fast as bitmap relinker by colin senner but for multiple files), any of the max files that were opened after never asked for a single missing asset.

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9/2/2015 5:50:58 AM (last edit: 9/2/2015 5:50:58 AM)
show user profile  digs
I was just introduced to the relink bitmaps tool, i love it

If it's just as good as that, I'd consider it, thanks for the heads up
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9/2/2015 5:25:01 PM (last edit: 9/2/2015 5:25:01 PM)
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