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Jing users
show user profile  9krausec
Does anyone know how to turn the microphone off on jing? I have a onboard mic on my notebook, would like not to record audio, but I don't know where to go to turn the mic off in jing (not in preferences)..

Any easy fixes?


Edit: Hmmm. Well after extensive research I have came to the conclusion that I am a moron.. The mic button on the jing countdown window may have something to do with something...

Sorry.. One of those moments that I seem to have all too often.

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3/22/2010 3:21:37 AM (last edit: 3/22/2010 3:43:12 AM)
show user profile  gogodr
when recording there is a menu below, there is a mute button xP

Hello there

beautiful ;3

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3/22/2010 3:59:52 AM (last edit: 3/22/2010 3:59:52 AM)
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