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James on 3d world
show user profile  3joez
I'm reading your article on vray materials right now. How cool is that?
read 436 times
9/21/2011 4:56:58 PM (last edit: 9/21/2011 4:56:58 PM)
show user profile  npcph
you got a link to the article? And james who?

read 429 times
9/21/2011 5:00:12 PM (last edit: 9/21/2011 5:00:42 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss
Zeefusion. Get with the program guys! Also, yeah, congrats James!

read 414 times
9/21/2011 5:25:39 PM (last edit: 9/21/2011 5:25:39 PM)
show user profile  3joez
No, I'm reading it physically, I've got the magazine in my hands.
James Cutler from

read 406 times
9/21/2011 5:38:21 PM (last edit: 9/21/2011 5:38:41 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
This sounds like SPAM to me.....
read 399 times
9/21/2011 5:39:55 PM (last edit: 9/21/2011 5:39:55 PM)
show user profile  3joez
Not to me
read 390 times
9/21/2011 5:45:21 PM (last edit: 9/21/2011 5:45:21 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim

read 375 times
9/21/2011 5:57:36 PM (last edit: 9/21/2011 5:57:36 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
dr jim u are missing a sig to molest. please insert image here ^
read 373 times
9/21/2011 5:58:46 PM (last edit: 9/21/2011 6:04:32 PM)
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