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Information overload in Trackview - Curve Editor
show user profile  Spear Chuck
I seem to have everything I don't need showing in the left window of curve editor. I need the position, rotation and scale (XYZ) of the animated tracks from CAT rig. In the hierarchy panel/link info I have animation controller selected the animation layer would send the data to the curve editor. In the motion panel I have an absolute layer going...

I'm trying to zero out everything in curve editor so it doesn't jump around when I try to animate. I can't seem to do it!!!!!!!!!

Nothing seem to work. I try to copy parts of the rig that seem to be positioned at zero and past that setting into other bones expecting them to stay there but zero out in curve editor. Buttt nooooooooo

I need sleep

UPDATE: I drank a couple of beers instead.

I with there was an easy way of zeroing out the CAT rig with an animated layer. I followed the damn tutorial to duh letter but yet when pasting in the copied position that I see zeroed out and past it in a differ objects position it jumps. I though it was just changing the number in the graph to zero, not what's on stage.
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4/13/2015 3:11:14 AM (last edit: 4/13/2015 3:45:10 AM)
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