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Is there a way to find identical geo and turn it into intance
show user profile  khamski
Like these guys:

All i found on scriptspot was requests like this:

it is strange because situation when you import geo with dead referency has to be common.

I mean i didnt found a single format that actually preserves referenced geometry.

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5/10/2015 9:33:20 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 9:40:26 PM)
show user profile  Mr.Burns
If you only select the objects you want to be instances then you could run this code:

for i = selection.count to 2 by -1 do
xyz = selection[i].transform
delete selection[i]
newinstance = instance selection[1]
newinstance.transform = xyz

Haven't tried it, but it should work.
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5/10/2015 9:39:20 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 9:39:20 PM)
show user profile  khamski
Thx for the fast reply.
Ran it.
Max freezed. )))
Waiting but not sure it will ever unfreeze.

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5/10/2015 9:51:44 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 9:51:44 PM)
show user profile  Bolteon
Maxscript is insanely slow at most things... Just wait 3-4 days.

(Seriously though, it's slow)

-Marko Mandaric

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5/10/2015 10:05:26 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 10:05:26 PM)
show user profile  Mr.Burns
Oh dear :D

I think there's an option to disable automatic viewport updates.

Try adding disableSceneRedraw() at the start of the script and enableSceneRedraw() at the end.

read 558 times
5/10/2015 10:07:37 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 10:10:11 PM)
show user profile  khamski
)) I actually can drag maxscript window.
So it's not ataully freezed. It seems to be working.

But windows always shows stupid status "Not responding"
I mean is it that f. hard to recognise when program is working and when it crashed.

read 553 times
5/10/2015 10:11:32 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 10:11:32 PM)
show user profile  khamski
I finished and here is the result...

Dude!?! :)))

read 546 times
5/10/2015 10:25:59 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 10:26:53 PM)
show user profile  Mr.Burns
I don't get it, just ran it and it worked fine :S

Are you maybe working with layers and all the instances ended up in a hidden layer?
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5/10/2015 10:29:11 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 10:30:16 PM)
show user profile  khamski
Got it.
They all have same coordinates. Ops..

read 537 times
5/10/2015 10:40:08 PM (last edit: 5/10/2015 10:45:49 PM)
show user profile  gogodr
I am not really that good with max script but here is what I think should be the approach.

Pick 4 numbers at random in between 1 and the amount of vertices in the mesh.
then evaluate the difference of that 4 vertices to get some deltas.

Do the same for each model in the scene. It will be very unlikely to get the same deltas if the meshes are not exact duplicates.
That way you can get the identical ones and replace them with instances.

Hello there

beautiful ;3

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5/11/2015 6:37:42 AM (last edit: 5/11/2015 6:37:42 AM)
show user profile  khamski
Thx for the idea.
It's really strange there is no script to find identical geo.
Because when you import scene from other formats referenced geo turns into unique objects.
So this kind of script had to be needed by many.

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5/11/2015 11:51:17 AM (last edit: 5/11/2015 11:51:41 AM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
>>I mean is it that f. hard to recognise when program is working and when it crashed.

If you ignore errors, yes. From my experience with max SDK, many of them seem to be muted so max can be going on computing gibbberish data into other gibberish forever. Also max uses really derpy thread pools which when dependent on each other cant recognize when other has crashed and stall forever. Just chuck it up to max being max...

read 460 times
5/12/2015 5:20:03 PM (last edit: 5/12/2015 5:20:03 PM)
show user profile  Dave
I've used this in the past:

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 450 times
5/12/2015 11:13:39 PM (last edit: 5/12/2015 11:13:39 PM)
show user profile  khamski
Good observation. But still there is a difference between doing something (even wrong) and being frozen in some kind of a failure.


Yep, it's already in max.
Good thing. When i discovered it i was amazed same as when i discovered Replace function in Import.

But selecting is less of a problem.
I need to replace geo with instances.


Just used it.
Built-in "Select similar" DIDN'T work.
Script "Slect similar" did.


read 422 times
5/13/2015 6:01:48 PM (last edit: 5/13/2015 6:49:30 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Yeah, the Max version of select similar does something different. I tried it, but had to use the script instead.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 409 times
5/13/2015 9:50:33 PM (last edit: 5/13/2015 9:50:33 PM)
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