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I watched a movie
show user profile  Mr_Stabby
It was named "Godzilla", the 2014 version. I was so disappoint that I had to review it! spoilers ahead.

The Good:
The CG that we did see was "ok".

The Bad:
CG - too little in both screen time and variety. I'm assuming budget constraints, but ffs, its supposed to be a monster movie.

Characters - The first 5 seconds of each of them tells you exactly which stereotype they represent, no real depth or likability from any of them.

Writing - I almost dozed off during some of the dialogue, so dry, so predictable. Maybe it was that I really didn't care about any of the characters or maybe it just sucked like that.

Plot - What plot? Oh, I guess the "big twist" was that godzilla was the good guy all along, all that was missing was a wink at the bomb guy at the end. Worst plot ever.

Logic - Not present. First you constantly see stuff being turned back on after being taken out by an EMP. Then there are soldiers shooting their tiny bullets at this giant monster that supposedly survived multiple nuclear hits during the cold war. The monsters act like retarded cockroaches until they come in contact with the main character at which point they display complex emotion and abstract thinking.

Acting - Maybe it was just the combination of all of the above but right after the meth guy died 30 mins in (who ironically was the most developed and interesting character), it was just a full on suckfest.

Cinematography - Good frames were handed out like candy by a conservative nazi grandmother, first she makes you sit through a long, boring story from back in the day and then you get this tiny crumb of sugar thats not that good after all. Mostly it was just dark all the time and it was like the camera man was avoiding pointing it anywhere near what I actually wanted to see.

So overall, I didn't have high expectations when I went in. Worst case scenario I was expecting was

"Big bad godzilla comes out of a volcano and starts stomping over some major city!
A crazy scientist has to fistfight an evil army general in order to stop him from nuking the city which for whatever reason would be a big mistake!
Crazy scientist and his ragtag team of spontaneous heroes defeat the monster by tieing its shoelaces together after discovering this weakness through a sudden burst of pseudo-scientific lore.
All laced with epic shots of a giant reptile smashing the crap out of buildings and stomping on thousands of people for a gory spectacle."

That would have been a better movie, even if the CG was bad.

Instead we got this weeny whiney boring turd. suck! Cant believe its rated ~7/10 by most review sites. I give it 3.5/10

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8/7/2014 4:08:27 AM (last edit: 8/7/2014 4:13:44 AM)
show user profile  herfst1
Yeah the director should be shot... but instead they're giving him a sequel. And if you check his previous film (I think it's called monsters), it's equally bad.

To me this is the height of Hollywood trolling, where they spend just enough money to get a trailer out, then line their pockets with the rest of the budget.
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8/7/2014 4:25:57 AM (last edit: 8/7/2014 4:26:13 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
I enjoyed it and would watch it again.

The main character had less personality than an soggy teabag, but I didn't go in to see a monster movie and expect Oscar winning performances.

I enjoyed the CGI think you're being a bit harsh calling it 'ok'

Didn't like the end where had caused $3,000,000,000,000 of damage, killed thousands of innocents at work in their offices but he killed the other baddie monsters so everyone loves him. That's just daft.

Yes there was by far not enough screen time for Godzilla, 'it's what you don't see' only works for a while. Once you've seen him you want to see lots of him, and this didn't really happen.

There were quite a few technical flaws but overall I really enjoyed it :)

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8/7/2014 10:16:20 PM (last edit: 8/7/2014 10:16:20 PM)
show user profile  Bolteon
terrible film, yes.

-Marko Mandaric

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8/7/2014 10:43:17 PM (last edit: 8/7/2014 10:43:17 PM)
show user profile  kmackey
It was still better than the '98 one with Ferris Bueller.
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8/8/2014 8:40:18 AM (last edit: 8/8/2014 8:40:18 AM)
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