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i need a dynamic system
show user profile  besiosse

I am looking for high configuration system which can work easily 3D max high quality rendering & motion Graphic (VFX).
I am looking for the newly arrived desktop configuration.

so friends what you advice me?
please send me the details about the hardware
(money is not a problem i need very very high configuration).

please replay me as soon as passable.

thanks for your help.
Besios Desinger

read 648 times
6/14/2011 4:08:42 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:08:42 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
it is pissable to bold hi spec 3dsmax wokstation using intel xeon processor & nvidia 580 graphics prucessing unit.

u will also want mamory of at least 8GB & windoos 7 64 bit.
read 645 times
6/14/2011 4:11:32 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:22:17 PM)
show user profile  besiosse
thanks for help but would you please explain all details like (RAM- Graphic card- processor .....etc)

thanks again
read 628 times
6/14/2011 4:22:37 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:22:37 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
what are you unclear about ?
read 624 times
6/14/2011 4:24:27 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:24:27 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Go to Dell's website. Order the most powerful non-server, desktop machine you can.


read 616 times
6/14/2011 4:30:22 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:30:22 PM)
show user profile  besiosse
How much GB ram?
How much GB graphic card
which processor ?
A bout Cache?
like if you can mansion every thing it will help me a loot.
I heard about dell alienware. what you think about it?
so pls give me all details if you can.

read 614 times
6/14/2011 4:32:07 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:32:07 PM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
Lots of Great British Rams.
Many many Great British GPU.
And very lumpy sums of Cache.

Don`t forgat to mansion teh seebrahs. Many many.

Website | Blog | Contact | Vimeo

read 608 times
6/14/2011 4:37:08 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:37:08 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
most ram on the gfx card you can get.
cache - big as possible.
processor - asking intel at the moment - give me a minute.

Is 8GB enough guys ? suppose you could add more later if you need it.

Intel suggestion #1 : (CPU)

IntelĀ® Core? i7 Desktop Processor with six cores 64-bit CPU, 3GHz
Performance : 158.4GFLOPs (single precision).
read 607 times
6/14/2011 4:37:25 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:46:41 PM)
show user profile  besiosse
I am serious with this.
I really need help.
I am Little week in hardware , that's why I am asking.
Its for my company design department.
read 592 times
6/14/2011 4:45:52 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:45:52 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Go to Dell's website. Order the most powerful non-server, desktop machine you can.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 588 times
6/14/2011 4:47:19 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:47:19 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
Really money no object ?

At the high end is the Intel E7 family with up to 10 cores/ 20 threads, 30M of cache and a Max CPU Configuration of 8.

Intel wil be sending over specs. Will post when I get them.
read 586 times
6/14/2011 4:47:42 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:59:53 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
OK....everybody else is being wankers....

go to Dells site.

Choose the "Precision" model line...

Configure with:

- Dual 6 core Intel CPU's (fastest speed available, will the be the most $$ option in the configurator)
- 48gb ram
- Quadro GFX Card
- max out the hard drives,......maybe 1 SSD for system, and 2 X high speed sata in RAID 5
- If Dell has Tesla card as an option ...then add that in too.

There ya go! Go order that up, and you will be set.....

good luck

read 577 times
6/14/2011 4:52:11 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:52:11 PM)
show user profile  LionDebt
Steve wins with the 8GB Mamory.

Why do these threads always appear when I'm not checking MF constantly :(
read 572 times
6/14/2011 4:59:02 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 4:59:02 PM)
show user profile  besiosse
thanks for your help
tomorrow same time i will post what i am going to buy.

read 553 times
6/14/2011 5:13:42 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 5:13:42 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
bangers at AS's house tonight! Who's in????
read 552 times
6/14/2011 5:13:58 PM (last edit: 6/14/2011 5:13:58 PM)
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