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I cant decide on tablet!
show user profile  zeefusion
At work I have the large Intuos 1 tablet, but at home my work surface is not as big, so im looking for something a little smaller, also I don't have the cash to get a large Intuos 3/4 model.

I primarily use the tablet for Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.

So im looking either, the Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium, I have heard mixed reviews about using it for sketching. Or to get away from the Wacom and get something which has a larger surface area that doesn't cost the earth.

Aiptek Media Tablet 14000U, reviews are good, but I wanted to hear your thoughts. Because I use such a large tablet at work, I need to get something that's smaller to fit on my desk at home but not to small that i cant get use to it.
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8/9/2009 12:20:40 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 12:20:54 PM)
show user profile  s_purs
read through that thread:

enough info on there to get a good view

edit: can you view that link as a guest?
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8/9/2009 12:25:35 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 12:26:13 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
not a member, so cant :(
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8/9/2009 12:26:05 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 12:26:05 PM)
show user profile  s_purs
go to the home page, search, and search for 'wacom'. can you do that?
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8/9/2009 12:26:38 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 12:26:38 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
yes, i can do that
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8/9/2009 12:28:41 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 12:28:41 PM)
show user profile  s_purs
if it works fine check out intuous 4 or bamboo thread. if not heres the jist (edited out their user names and stuff roughly to cut it down, spaces mean different people talking):

I have a bamboo and really like it. It's my first tablet, so I can't compare it to others, although it doesn't have the option to tilt, which could have been neat.
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I would think the the obvious difference is the price. I believe Bamboos are substantially cheaper than Intuous 4.
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ye defo go for intouse i have had 1 for a few months and its great. specially they costume led can configure them to any programe you have, even MS paint lol.

QUOTE (joshuacurtis @ 2 Aug 2009, 09:33 PM) *
Basically i need a graphics tablet been looking around and either an Intuos4 or Bamboo seems best without paying a fortune for a Cintiq. Correct me if im wrong smile.gif

Im not sure if a6 would be too small because it just seems really small. A5 seems a much better size but i dont know because i have never used either sizes before. Whilst A4 seems abit of a workout with quite a wide arm movement i imagine.

What would you guys advise getting? is the extra size worth all that extra money?

and are the features of the intous4 good enough to fork out all that extra cash?

thought id i ask you guys cause you use these things everyday


Intuos. It's all about price. Cheaper tablet generally equals cheaper performance. I have a cintiq at work and a Bamboo at home. The Bamboo is cripplingly inaccurate by comparison but for digital apinting it's just about useable. For line work it's hopeless.

QUOTE (Miguel Santana da Silva @ 2 Aug 2009, 10:10 PM) *
go for the intuos. mine arrived just the other day (a4 version) and i can't begin to explain how lovely a piece of kit those things are.

A4 Intuos 4? How much did that set you back :O
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I have an Intuos 3 A4 , and i still think it was the best purchase I've ever made. If you can afford it, go for it. You will not regret.

how is the a4 been on sites and lots of people say that there is a lot of wasted space and small tablet would work better as there is less arm movement. and how much did an a4 intuos cost :O ??

how long did the painting take mike?

thanks for all the replies smile.gif wasnt sure if i would get any

QUOTE (Aldarion @ 2 Aug 2009, 11:02 PM) *
I have an Intuos 3 A4 , and i still think it was the best purchase I've ever made. If you can afford it, go for it. You will not regret.

I have an a5 I3, and totally agree. The jump for 3 to 4 isn't massive enough to warrant an upgrade so you can certainly get a 3 for cheaper than a 4, you could even use the price difference to get a larger size. I personally wouldn't get smaller than a5.

This post has been edited by Scotty10: 3 Aug 2009, 12:06 AM

hmm im not a fan of a4. they are too big, take up too much space and i use my intuous 4 a5 just as good as the a4 one i sold. cheaper, takes less space and when your used to it i dont think you would notice alot of different imo. but if i did 2d/concepts all the time i would prob had gone with the a4, but for textures and touching up here and there, etc im sure an a5 would be fine
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Depends on your style of drawing/painting. If you make dynamic strokes and move your whole arm, that extra space is great.
Also, if you have more screens, you can map a part of your tablet to control the other screen, which is absolutely awesome.

I have a big old A4 Intuous 2 and I have no idea why.

after looking around lots of educational prices, i found this website to be the best

the a4 educational version set me back £336 shipped if i remember correctly. though you don't get the mouse with it

one of my favourite features of the intuos4 is precision mode, i have it mapped to one of the pen buttons. it basically makes the cursor move a lot slower on the screen. really useful for changing drop down menus and other settings like that or clicking and ticking small boxes, but also for making smooth lines and small details

see now thats stupid amounts of money. you can buy half a computer for that. go for an a5 and spend half the money, and wont notice alot of difference

I have an intous 3 A5, i think its awesome. If you paint or draw with your wrist alot and dont need the space then I reccommend just getting an A5. I usualy zoom in and paint small strokes so I never use much of the tablet space anyway.
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8/9/2009 12:30:30 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 12:32:40 PM)
show user profile  zeefusion
Cheers for that, but it only seems to be comparing Wacom tablets. I want to know what others thought about other brands? ie the Aiptek or even Pensketch

For me its either the wacom bamboo fun for £100 or a larger surface area Aiptek or Pensketch.
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8/9/2009 12:34:17 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 12:35:13 PM)
show user profile  Jollabollathan
There's probably a reason nobody talks about other brands. :P Can't you just Google for reviews on them?

What size are you looking at precisely? I use an A5 Intuos 3 (the working area is 210mm x 163mm or thereabouts, total size is 350mm x 260mm) and never feel the need for anything bigger. Infact, if I ever go to a workplace with bigger models I set it to only use part of the tablet area. Of course this depends on what you're used to, but if I were you I'd go for a smaller Wacom than a bigger other brand.

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8/9/2009 1:18:25 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 1:19:39 PM)
show user profile  s_purs
people have tried others, and generally hate them. i tried trust, cheap, and really felt it. wacom are generally by far the best. you pay a bit of a premium but its worth it
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8/9/2009 3:39:09 PM (last edit: 8/9/2009 3:39:09 PM)
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