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How to make grass
show user profile  Stianbl
Hi there,

Going to make a golf field for a short animation (3 min), but I dont know how to make the grass look a bit like grass:P

The effect I want to get might be a cartoon style, but so far I dont know. The animation will be a typical "Tom and Jerry"-like movie, if you'v seen the movie Tee for two (

Going to use some of these ideas. But I need some quick guides on how to make the grass and the field.

read 596 times
3/13/2009 5:33:10 PM (last edit: 3/13/2009 5:33:10 PM)
show user profile
Well, the grass isn't really grass, it's just variant shades of green. If that's all you want, you can do a procedural map (GASP!) and use a composite map material with each material in the composite having a different opacity map.
read 571 times
3/13/2009 7:46:31 PM (last edit: 3/13/2009 7:46:31 PM)
show user profile  horizon

read 564 times
3/13/2009 8:19:22 PM (last edit: 3/13/2009 8:19:22 PM)
show user profile  Stianbl
Haha, thanks horizon xD Just what I needed!

@ugtv: yeah, I might try that out. But I wont make it as cartoony as the youtube clip, so I was hoping there was an easy way to simulate grass. Hair/fur is way overkill, and takes too long to render.

read 539 times
3/14/2009 4:57:28 AM (last edit: 3/14/2009 4:57:28 AM)
show user profile  Dejitarujin
I saw an example of someone using Particle Flow for grass. I think it involved the lock/bond modifier, and may have required PFlow Tools Box 3, I don't recall. But it was really incredible, the grass was swaying in the wind while staying attached to the ground surface.

Thing is, they never said how they did it :/
Specialty: Non-organic modelling and effects.
Setup: 3D Studio 2010 with finalRender.
Rig: No, no I can't.
read 517 times
3/14/2009 9:23:46 AM (last edit: 3/14/2009 9:23:46 AM)
show user profile  BLoSk
Lol horizon its what I wanted to post when reading the topic name.


read 494 times
3/14/2009 10:21:23 AM (last edit: 3/14/2009 10:21:23 AM)
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