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Help with Hair/Fur
show user profile  sully
I have a character which for simplicity's sake is, in several pieces. It is not one solid mesh in other words. This character is also covered in thick fur! For obvious reasons, I built one arm and one leg and duplicated them for the opposite side. When I apply the Hair and Fur Modifier to the duplicated and Mirrored pieces, the mesh is black and when rendered, is semi transparent. It looks like the Hair and Fur Modifier is inside out??? Does anyone know why this is happening?
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2/22/2009 5:32:29 PM (last edit: 2/22/2009 5:32:29 PM)
show user profile  Cylon
Try flipping your normals, or select each poly and click invert. I seem to remember having the same problem and I think that was my solution.
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2/22/2009 6:26:54 PM (last edit: 2/22/2009 6:26:54 PM)
show user profile  sully
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I dont know how to flip my normals eh.
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2/22/2009 6:38:05 PM (last edit: 2/22/2009 6:38:05 PM)
show user profile  sully
never mind my idiocy! i figured it out mate! thanks a million!
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2/22/2009 6:54:07 PM (last edit: 2/22/2009 6:54:07 PM)
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