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Help With Bones!
show user profile  loganf
Okay, I made a pretty simple robot arm, I am trying to make the bones for it using IK. However I can not figure out how to limit the bones to only rotate on the y x or z axis. I also cant figure out how to limit the amount each bone is able to rotate. Is this even posible? Could anyone help me out and tell me how to do this or point me to a tut that will? I tried googling for one and cant find one. I will keep looking but I am looking forward to any comments/suggestions. Thanks in advance.
read 671 times
4/20/2008 3:38:15 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 3:38:15 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Sure you can! :)

heres my second Jing of the day...

Ive done this as if its a leg setup i.e. thigh and shin bone

[edit] made a new non-jerky vid)

read 661 times
4/20/2008 3:52:38 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:00:27 AM)
show user profile  loganf
i love you so much. your my idol :()
read 651 times
4/20/2008 4:02:49 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:02:49 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey

did you see the vid after the edit? its a bit clearer as its less jerky

read 649 times
4/20/2008 4:03:57 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:04:56 AM)
show user profile  loganf
yes i actually did. I am currently getting jing. Looks awesome :)

Having a problem so I will post it when i get the .net 3.0 setup done.

is that you in the picture?
read 644 times
4/20/2008 4:17:00 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:17:00 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey

no its Eric Idol.....'IDOL' :)

read 640 times
4/20/2008 4:22:31 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:22:58 AM)
show user profile  Dave
tut, should've gone with:

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 637 times
4/20/2008 4:23:28 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:23:28 AM)
show user profile  loganf
Okay. To start off that jing program is amazing :)

Here is the problem I am having. Looking forward to your reply :)

This is my first attempt at bones so bare with me.

read 627 times
4/20/2008 4:47:18 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:47:18 AM)
show user profile  Dave
I think your issue there, might be down the bones being dead straight. When I rig up a character, I tend to place in the bones in more 'natural' positions, so that it knows which way I want them to bend right off the bat.

See IMAGE for visual representation.

It only has to be a very slightly bend, and it will determin the correct angle.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 612 times
4/20/2008 4:55:09 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 4:56:52 AM)
show user profile  loganf
Jing is changing the world already. Soon typing will be a thing of the past :)
EDIT: I explained the problem wrong in the previous video. This one is right. (so fast to share the videos its easy to let stuff slip)

EDIT: Dave, I do think what your saying would help but I do not understand why that would ignore the constraints I set.

read 594 times
4/20/2008 5:04:38 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 5:12:55 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Well before you changed it I did this vid, it could still come in handy, but what you should do for you actual problem is starting the IK solver from the next bone up, and dont use the spline IK just use the HI solver. but as dave said IK solvers require that you slightly bend the bones in the direction that you want then to bend in, otherwise it will guess and probably get it wrong.

heres the vid of what I though was th problem but this is a god way of setting up your elbows so you can control their direction

[edit] redone the vid again, stoopid jing

read 578 times
4/20/2008 5:14:54 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 5:25:39 AM)
show user profile  loganf
hmm, I think the video messed up. I see that you got it working exactly how i wanted though :)
I think the video skipped some parts though. Maybe I am wrong?
read 574 times
4/20/2008 5:18:05 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 5:18:05 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
damiit jing is playing up today :( I'll redo it for ya, stay tuned

read 568 times
4/20/2008 5:21:32 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 5:21:45 AM)
show user profile  Dave
I think the key difference is the bend in the bones. That's what made it 'work' right away in Groteys version. Further joint restrictions would be done after this, rather than trying to limit bones to an axis that refuse to bend on any.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 566 times
4/20/2008 5:23:22 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 5:23:22 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
vid = redone, see above

read 560 times
4/20/2008 5:26:06 AM (last edit: 4/20/2008 5:26:06 AM)
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